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We Think Of Window Coverings As Something To Provide Privacy And To Let In Or Keep Out Light, Heat, Or Cold.

The curtains have a softer look while adding a touches of formality to a room. Here are several ideas to consider that are easy and will add that special Shabby Chic touch to any room. In the Shabby Chic decorating style use fabrics that are simple and relaxed rather than fussy, use something soft rather than stiff, and use something which is loosely shaped rather than a tight configuration. For an unstructured, effortless look, windows can be swathed with an ample amount of loose fabric that is allowed to puddle gently onto the floor. The simplicity of a plain white blind or a Roman shade works nicely to provide privacy. One of my favourite Shabby Chic window treatments is to use small, wooden slat salmon-colored window shades with a medium-weight cream-colored lace valance. If you want a more formal but casual Shabby Chic look, consider using light easy-care fabrics such as lightweight velvet, muslin or poplin to create a draping effect. However, Shabby Chic window treatments are a great way to add decoration to a room by providing a “frame” for the window.


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