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The most obvious solution is to turn off all firewalls temporarily, complete the task of printing your document, and then allow the firewall to resume its protective action, but if you employ this method, you ladder the risk of exposing your computer to threats. And while all of these O2O sites are very attractive for consumers, they also are huge for local businesses. Whenever you are faced with this problem, keep your composure, and systematically rule out your options until you find the actual cause so that you can get your printer back on-line as soon as possible. If either of these is true, replace the printer’s cartridge with a new one, or refill the paper tray. In the Properties window that opens as a result of this, open the Ports tab, and click on the Configure Port button, which is present below the list, at the right-hand side. If it isn’t, you may be served a “printer off-line” error message. Sending snap messages to all network devices is enabled by default on later versions of Windows, such as Windows Vista. ☞ Newer printers are compatible with the snap protocol, and hence, when your computer sends a PING message to any of them, they send back an acknowledgement to it via snap. Hence, the first step is to check if the printer is plugged in and switched on at all. How to Change Printer Settings from off-line to on-line The “Printer is off-line” error message is just one of the many annoying problems which may require cumbersome and extensive troubleshooting that printer users face. Sometimes that itself could be the problem; the network simply may be configured in such a way that no guest user of any end device is permitted to access the printer.


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