Some Useful Guidelines For Simple Programs In Offline

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So, let us assume, that one morning, you urgently need a hard copy of an important document, or you are running late and need to take a printout of a film/travel bus/flight ticket, but your printer mercilessly declares that it is “off-line”, at the most crucial moment. It is a very useful protocol which allows your computer to communicate with the various devices that are connected to the common network, and to establish that the remote device can be contacted. It is always recommended to use reputed anti virus software, which do not generally hinder essentials such as your network printer. ☞ The firewall-based error is truly a hassle, because you need to troubleshoot it at a very basic level and find out which of the various network security restrictions is blocking what service, and from where. In the Properties window that opens as a result of this, open the Ports tab, and click on the Configure Port button, which is present below the list, at the right-hand side. In each of the cases, you need to know your printer’s correct IP address to rectify the value that your computer has saved. ☞ If you do not know what the IP address of your network printer is, the simplest way to obtain it, is to take a printout of a test page from your printer, at a time when it is connected to the network. If it isn’t, you may be served a “printer off-line” error message. If there is no restriction on file sharing, and printing, then take a look at the Advanced Settings as well, by typing “windows firewall advanced” in the Start Menu’s Search Box, wherein you can obtain a list of the exact services under each heading that are allowed or blocked on your computer. ☞ On the other hand, if your anti virus software is the culprit, with a new update that has launched a firewall blocks the network printer, look up the phrase, “how to change firewall settings”, on the developer’s official FAQ, or troubleshooting page. It’s called ‘on-line to off-line’ commerce, or O2O. Make sure that your printer’s status has not been accidentally set to off-line. ☛ To do this, in the aforementioned folder, right-click on your printer’s icon, and from the drop-down menu, click on ‘Use Printer on-line’. Instead, to complete the same action, you have to either select the option in the same menu to ‘See what’s Printing’, or otherwise, double-click on the icon itself.


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