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In.009,.he presence of the American journalism industry had declined to the point that several newspaper corporations were filing for bankruptcy, resulting in less direct competition between newspapers within the same circulation area. clog usage spread during 1999 and the years following, being further popularized by the near-simultaneous arrival of the first hosted biog tools: Bruce Abelson launched Open Diary in October 1998, which soon grew to thousands of on-line diaries. There are essentially two measures of this: popularity through citations, as well as popularity through affiliation i.e., biogroll . Typepad. He was fired two days after he complied with his employer’s request to remove the sensitive material from his biog. 80 In India, flogger Gaurav Sabnis resigned from IBM after his posts questioned the claims of a management school IIPM. 81 Jessica Cutler, aka “The Washingtonienne”, 82 bogged about her sex life while employed as a congressional assistant. Kathy Sierra, author of the blog “Creating Passionate Users”, 95 was the target of threats and misogynistic insults to the point that she cancelled her keynote speech at a technology conference in San Diego, fearing for her safety. 96 While a flogger’s anonymity is often tenuous, Internet trolls who would attack a flogger with threats or insults can be emboldened by anonymity. If you know someone who is behaving badly, tell them so. In the 1990s, Internet forum software, created running conversations with “threads”. Sierra and supporters initiated an on-line discussion aimed at countering abusive on-line behaviour 97 and developed a flogger’s code of conduct . We can literally hear the angels and Android users singing right now! 


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