The Challenges Today For Smart Malware Solutions

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It does so by causing a subversion of the functionality of the regular operating system. Worms don’t always corrupt files or drives. As mentioned above, malicious software is a program that is specifically designed to invade a computer system that is accessing the Internet without the informed consent of the human user or owner of the computer system. So, the next time you see that attractive offer to download and install a free application, stop right in your tracks. Similar to biological viruses, even computer viruses need working hosts. However, under this guise of utility, Trojan horses make way for unauthorized access to the user’s system. While most of us have faced this situation, and many among these ‘most’ have actually gone through the harrowing experience of setting things right after their computers have been invaded, the exact facts and information regarding malware is still a bit obscure. Malware and Its Various Forms The term malware is a portmanteau of malicious software.


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